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Artist Bio

The natural landscape with just the footprint of civilization is a boundless source of inspiration. I'm always looking for new ways to creatively blend subject matter into paintings, while maintaining the realistic qualities many have come to identify with my work. Painting is a natural process for me, instilled and nurtured from childhood. It's all about creating believable paintings and realizing the significance of man's connection with nature.

As a landscape painter I explore a variety of vantage points; sometimes from a bird's eye view, which encompasses the immensity of the land. While at other times, I focus on the more intimate aspects of the visual world including the human or architectural ingredient, combined with just a glimpse of the distant landscape. Distance and intimacy are at times entwined to create an exciting dichotomy.

I have been exhibiting my landscapes for more than 2 decades in galleries from New York City to South Jersey, Philadelphia and even the Capitol Rotunda in Washington, D.C. My paintings have won awards and are included in many prestigious public and private collections.